Opening date of Rudranath Temple in 2012

One of the panch kedar temple, Rudranath temple opens on Friday 18 May,2012 for all devotees at 5:00 AM in the morning with Vadic chanting (वैदिक मंत्रोचारण ). hundred of people went with rudranth doli procession and witness for the first darshan of Rudranth temple in 2012. with that all the panch kedar temple doors open completely for 2012 summer, although the last and fifth kedar (kalpeshwar)  open for all month in the year and never closed for devotees.
Rudranath Temple situated at an altitude of above 2286 meter from sea level  and located in the mid of beatutiful grassy field land.

Ruranath Temple
Opening date of Panch Kedar Temple In 2012

Kedarnath Temple         28 April                      
Madhmaheshwar            29 April       
Tungnath Temple           28 April 
Rudranath                      18 May
Kalpeshwar           open all  days of the year