Rudranath Temple is a Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. it is situated in chamoli district of Uttarakhand at the altitude of 7500ft above sea level. and it is believed that Rudranath is the one of the difficult trek out of five temple under the Panch Kedar Temple.  
History of Rudranath Temple -     All the five temple under PANCH KEDAR TEMPLE ( Kedarnath, Tungnath, Rudranath, madmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar) have same story. the origin of this temple is started with the story of Kedarnath temple. when lord shiva escaping to gave darshan to pandavas after the battle of Mahabharata in Kurushetra field (largest epic of the world).Lord shiva was running in the area of kedarnath and while trying to diving in the marsh land, lord shiva quickly mutate himself in the form of buffalo.  pandavas caughted him at here.then lord shiva unwillingly gave Darshan to him. after that Lord Shiva in the form of hump of buffalo worshiping  at kedarnath as kedar Nath JI. the arms appear and worshiped at tungnath temple, face at Rudranath, middle part of body at Madmaheshwar and hair at Kalpeshwar temple. the statue of lord shiva face is at natural rock inside the temple.
Rudranath temple

Believable OR Not but It is True Lord shiva face worshiping at Rudranath, the face of lord Shiva looks like angry at here. and it is strongly believed that in the morning time lord shiva face looks like a small child, in the afternoon the face of lord Shiva looks like a young man but in the evening time the face of lord Shiva looks like a old man. the angry face of lord shiva is looking like to try to seeing back at Rundranath temple. and it is also believed that when lord shiva running to hide from pandavas. he just trying to see little behind to Pandavas. so this moment or this type of action of lord shiva face worshiping at here.
Inside of Rudranath temple

Trekking route of Rudranath temple - Nearest railway station is Rishikesh to reach Rudranath temple. In Rishikesh there are many tour and travel companies give their service in different different area of garhwal, Uttarakhand. the temple is opened only during char dham yatra. so it is best if people plane to visit here during char dham yatra. there are many route to trek Rudranath. the simple way to trek Rudranath via Gopeshwar-Sagar way. the Doli of Rudranath temple is also go to same way. the total foot distance via this way is approx 23 km . other way is kedarnath-badrinath route via chopta-tungnath route. if you plan to visit here via chopta-tungnath route. you can stop near Mandal area then the 27km foot distance trek start form here via Anusuya Mata temple. Anusuya Mata temple situated in the route of Rudranath via Mandal about the distance of 3km.

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