The starting high season of Kedarnath Dham (april to june) there are more than 10,000 pilgrims visit daily in kedarnth dham around the world.when people going up to Kedarnth Dham, one of the tension in pilgrims mind is waiting in line for kedarnath darshan in kedarnath temple complex. A big queue of pilgrims standing with worship-plate in hand in Kedrnath temple complex. The Kedarnath temple has two main doors. the front door for entering in temple and other side door for exit. although people waiting quite in the queue in temple complex and struggling to entering in cold weather. but that side door of Kedarnath temple always open for only local people(garhwali people), priest (kedarnath teerth purohit) and members of temple committee  to entering in temple.
     Many times when some pilgrims endeavor to entering from side door. police force to stop them and some other local faction also came here to solving this matter of right to entry in kedarnath temple. sometimes pilgrim's priest (kedarnath purohit) also trying to entering our pilgrims in temple (can be say in hindi -घुसना ) . after seeing this phenomena some pilgrims angry and Resistance about this matter but anyhow this event conflicted by temple committee, police force or some local faction.