Ishaneshwar Temple Kedarnath

Ishaneshwar Temple Kedarnath 
ishaneshwar temple is situated in just few distance of  left corner side of  kedarnath temple. and the temple dedicated to ishaneshwar mahadev. According to the Hindu belief or kedarnath teerth purohit  "Ishaneshwar mahadev was the teacher ( GURU ) of Lord Shiva". and it is believed that after prayer of kedarnth temple (lord shiva) it is necessary to pray  in Ishaneshwar temple
when purohit start Rudrabhishek (special worship of lord shiva ) they also sit inside the ishaneshwar temple for a few moment and speak speak some Mantra. It is assumed that Eshaneshwar mahadev fulfill our devotee wishes. people pray and wishes for our dreams.
kedarnath temple
Ishaneshwar Temple

NOTE- yellow arrow indicated Ishaneshwar Temple in first above picture.