Gandhi Sarovar Kedarnath

Gandhi Sarovar Kedarnath
Gandhi Sarovar is one of the most beautiful remarkable place in kedarnath dham.gandhi sarovar lake is also knows as Chorabari Tal due to it's source glacier name (chorabari glacier).Chorabari tal is a older name of this lake.when Ashes of Mahatma Gandhi shed into Chorabari lake. then Chorabari lake renamed as Gandhi Sarovar. After reaching Gandhi Sarovar lake you can see the reflection of Himalaya peak (Kailash Parvat) in this lake and don't miss to see origin of Mandakini river from here.when the door of kedarnath temple opened to across the whole world's pilgrims.whole kedarnath valley merged in snow. at that time Gandhi Sarovar also merged under the heavy snow.

Gandhi Sarovar Trek
Gandhi Sarovar is situated at an altitude of 13700m in the mountain of kedarnath (uttarakhand,INDIA). vahicle are available in Haridwar and Rishikesh to Gaurikund (250km) by road. then road is not available from Gaurikund to kedarnath. It is 14 km foot distance from Gaurikund to kedarnath. horse and Pithus are available in Gaurikund to Kedarnath. After reaching Kedarnath, the trek of Gandhi Sarovar start from iron bridge on Mandakani river in horse stable, Kedarnath.. the distance from bridge to Gandhi Sarovar lake is  about to 3.5 km. the trek of Gandhi Sarovar is easy and beautiful with grassy layer field. In last 2 years the trek is modified with strong concrete.In just starting of gandhi Sarovar trek, you can see the beautiful view of Doodh Ganga river. and again when you will reach at the distance of about 3 km, most beautiful Madhu Ganga waterfall is here. Don't miss to capture it.

Gandhi Sarovar Trekking Tips
 ❶ It is better to visit here in earlier morning because after 12AM there is no guarantee in changing weather.

 ❷ You can carry plastic raincoat with you for safety from rain. raincoat are available in Kedarnath market.
 ❸ Heart and BP problem person are not allowed to go here due to the shortage of oxygen.
 ❹ Don't make any type of noise pollution near Gandhi Sarovar lake. these type of noise can be reason to glacier falling.

Gandhi Sarovar Kedarnath
Gandhi Sarovar (Chorabari Tal)