RUNDA - survival mammal in kedarnath

Runda- a kind of mammal  that looks like neither mouse nor rabbit. Runda found with grey color of body and a little sharp ear. they eat small grasses generally runda live in under the holes of rocks and run sparkly . the main identity of that kind of mammal is their tail means Runda haven't tail.
runda photo
runda found in altitude of above 3000m in kedarnath and trek of chopta-tungnath. Runda found at near ratus kund (ret kund) in kedarnath and also found in tungnath (one of the punch-kedar) in uttarakhand, India.little children often can be seen playing with this beautiful creature near ratus kund area and helipad area in kedarnath. children will wants to catch them but they enter in one hole and out from other hole of rocks and the beautiful game between children and runda's began.
runda in kedrnath