Brahma Kamal in Kedarnath

Brahma Kamal photo

Brahma Kamal in Kedarnath 
Brahma kamal is known as well as Saussurea obvallata in Scientology,The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs).
Brahma Kamal flower is a Uttarakhand state flower. The height of this plant of flower is normally about to 70 to 80 cm (centimeter) with roots. It is myth that if someone devote Brahma Kamal  to lord Shiva, the sin of  three era  ( yuga ) will be vanished for that person. This flower is found at altitude of more than 3000 to 4500 meter in the hill of high Himalaya (Kashmir, middle Nepal, Kedarnath, Tunghnathvalley of flowers, Pindari glacier, Shivling Base, Pawali Kanta, Santopanth, Swarg Rohini route , etc. ).
as per the myth and research Brahma Kamal  found in three types:-

Brahma kamal
Fan kamal
Milk kamal
brahma kamal

Lord Shiva like this flower so that in the month of august and September, people devote the flower to Lord Shiva in Kedarnath temple. Now a day this flower is also used for different medicine and research.
Braham Kamal blooming in Kedarnath valley