Kedarnath Shrine, After 2 Years Of Devastation

Today,16 June, It was the same day when the holy abode was affected by cloudburst devastation in 2013. more than 10,0000 pilgrims and local peoples trapped in Char Dham Shrines in various regions because of landslides and blocked roads. thousand of thousand people lost their family member, homes, friends, shops, shebang, wealth and lots more. covering a population of  more than 700,000 people affected in India. Kedarnath shrine was mud and slashed everywhere with thousand of dead bodies. temple complex was fully merged in dead bodies everywhere.our armed force, hundred of  local volunteer peoples, were trying to save lives. The whole valley was enveloped in darkness for few months.
But Uttarakhand government with the help of NIM (​Nehru Institute Of​​ Mountaineering) day and night work make it feasible for Darshan to devotee again in just one season of work. we salute the people, the arms force, and everyone who were helping to rescue lifes in that time. we salute to NIM(​Nehru Institute Of​​ Mountaineering) work as they work thier in even -50,-60 degree to develop kedaranth town. By grace of NIM, and his Principal Col Ajay Kothiyal( KC, SC, VSM) it is now possible to visit Kedarnath shrine with all good facilities.
Today, Lets salute everyone who helps to rebuild lord Shiva shrine to devotee again. lets pray for the thousand of souls who were missed in devastation.

Kedarnath on 16-17 June 2013
16-17 June,2013 Devastation

Kedarnath on 15-25 April 2015
NIM team work in Kedarnath Shrine
Lets pray today again and  Keep a minute silence for the peace of thousand souls and may the Almighty bless us all and give peace to thousand  souls.  ! OM NAMAH SHIVAY !

Pray and share once please.वर्ष 2013 को आई आपदा में इस दुनिया से अलविदा हुवे हज़ारो लोगो की आत्मा की शांति के लिये भगवान जी से सच्चे दिल से प्रार्थना करे ।

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