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Sunday, 27 January 2013

opening date of Char Dham Yatra 2013

opening date of char dham yatra is 13 may in 2013. according to the temple committee gangortri and yamunotri temple reopening in 13 may in 2013 for six months after remaining closed for 6 month duration. as every year gangotri and yamunotri temple opens in the ospicious day of Hindu Dharm, Akhshaya tritiya . according to the HINDU PANCHANG, this year akshaya tritiya coming on 13 of the may, so both gangotri and yamunotri temple door opening in 13th may.badrinath and kedarnath temple will also reopen at earlier morning of 14 and 16 may in this closed 6 month char dham temple had on under snowbound in winter season.the gate of badrinth will open at 4:00 AM with Vedic chanting.

char dham yatra 2013
char dham yatra 2013

  1. opening date of Kedarnath temple in 2013 is 14 May 
  2. opening date of Badrinath temple in 2013 is 16 May 
  3. opening date of Gangotri temple in 2013 is 13 May 
  4. opening date of Yamunotri temple in 2013 is 13 May.


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