Shiv Rudrabhisekham

Meaning of rudrabhishek-Definition of Rudrabhishek is that Rudra refer to seed of rudraksha tree or another name of lord shiva, and abhishek means consecrate (to lord shiva).
how to do shiv rudrabhishek- Rudrabhishek is the process or method of worship of lord shiva in the form of  lingam an abhishek is perfromed with different things like pure water, flowers, leafs (bel-patra), Cow Milk (not boiled).even can be added these item- coconut water, honey,curd, Unbroken rice, Dry-fruits. But in general way to do Rudrabhishekm the Shiva linga worship with only milk and water, which is highly powerful method. even can be consecrate only water by pitcher.(kalash) on lord shiva lingam to do Rudrabhishek.
imaginary image of kedarnath lingam