BhairavNath Temple kedarnath

BhairavNath Temple Kedarnath
Bhairavnath temple is situated in northern hill from the main kedarnath temple.and dedicated to lord Bhairava.sometimes people call bhairo, kaal bhairava and many other name in different part of india. In kedarnath, the God,bhairavnath called as Area Protector God (guardian deity of kedarnath temple). even people called as kshetrapal (one who protect some area or temple area)BhairavNath Temple well known for our religious Importency. It is believed that, when the Kedarnath temple remains closed during winter due to heavy snow fall, the deity in Bhairavnath temple protect the main temple area as well as the whole kedarnath valley.  
the weapon of bhairavNath God is Trishula(read more about trishula) and dog is the mount (riding vahicle, वाहन )
bhairavnath temple trek-
the trek of Bhairav Nath Mandir is starting from right side door of  Kedarnath Temple. the distance of  trek from kedarnath temple to Bhairav Nath Temple is near by 1km only . after reaching here people worship here and take a round around the whole rock  (the rock in which god statue situated) the place is so beautiful and You can see the view of Kedarnath-valley (kedar-ghati) from Bhairav nath temple